We’re located in North Central Florida, near Live Oak and raise Nigerian Dwarf milking goats. We double register all of our goats with both the NDGA (Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association) and the AGS (American Goat Society.)

We began our Gotalund adventure in October of 2006 when I purchased two young does from a nearby farm. We were impatient for milk, however, so I immediately purchased two more does who were soon to kid. This was our first venture into goat raising, and we are constantly entertained by the antics of our kids. They run and jump and play so much that the cows, horses, and people on the farm can watch the show for hours from across the fences. We now have many more goats than our original two, and enjoy the delicious milk our Nigerian Dwarfs provide. We’re learning to make cheese and soap and finding different ways to use the milk.

Our kids are always dam raised unless circumstances require bottle feeding. The goats are wormed and vaccinated to insure they stay healthy. The herd is also tested for CAE and Johnes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:



Donna Boatright
14925 CR 250
Live Oak, FL 32060